Support for K3NG Projects


The best way to get support for my projects is to use the Radio Artisan Group on  Membership is free and instantly approved, however new members have their first few postings moderated.  Please search the forum before posting to see if your issue has been addressed before.  Please do not post support requests in Github Issues areas.

Please, please, please read the documentation on this site.  Too often I get questions that can be easily answered by simply reading the documentation.

Please do not email me directly for support.  Please.


Feature Requests

I do take feature requests and keep track of them.  Please note that I tend to develop features based on a few guidelines or rules:

1. My level of interest in the feature

2. The level of difficulty in developing the feature

3. The number of similar requests and/or the usefulness to multiple people

I do not make any guarantees as to when a feature request will be developed as this is a hobby for me.  Please do not feel slighted if I develop someone else's feature request before yours.  This isn't meant as a personal insult, it's just that I have follow what interests me in order to keep this being fun and not seem like a job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get support for one of your projects?

A: Post your questions on the Radio Artisan group.

Q: How can I show my appreciation for your work?

A: You can post pictures of your completed project on the Radio Artisan Group, or you can buy me something from my Amazon public wishlist.

Q: Can I pay you to develop a feature or a project?

A: Unless you're planning to pay me enough to quit my day job, no.

Q: Could you update your code to support hardware device xyz?

A: In general, I will develop code support for specific devices if you send me a sample of the device I can keep and use for development and testing.  Do not send me a device without contacting me via email first.

Q: I built one of your project and I can't get it working.  How can I get support for one of your projects?

A: Join the Radio Artisan group and seek support there.

Q: Could you teach me how to use an Arduino / code / solder / etc.?

A: Unfortunately I just don't have the time to do this and what limited time I have I like to spend developing new features that many people can enjoy.  However, there is a HUGE community supporting Arduinos and amateur radio, and there are many fine people who can do a better job than I.  Google is your friend.

Q: I need help with one of your projects.  How can I get help?

A: Go to the Radio Artisan group.

Q: I bought from a company a piece of hardware that runs your code.  I can't get it working.  Can you help me?

A: Keep in mind that you just paid someone money for a piece of hardware and now you want me to support that commercial product, for free.  Seek help from the company that made a profit, or offer to pay me for my time like you did the company you just bought the hardware from.  I like helping people, but my time is valuable, too, and I'm not going to be the free support arm for any hardware manufacturers.

Q: I posted on the Radio Artisan group and you didn't answer my post.  Why?

A: I'm probably swamped with work and life and just don't have the time to answer.  Sorry.

Q: I posted on the Radio Artisan group and you didn't answer my post.  Can I email you directly?

A: You can, but it won't magically create more time for me to answer your question.  If you're contributing code or have some comment that isn't well suited for public display, email is appropriate.  If you send me a personal email asking for help with basic items, sorry, I'm likely not going to answer.

Q: What is your email address?

A: Anthony dot good at gmail dot com.